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What is a split system ?

Most people consider a "split system" to be a unit that hangs on the wall inside with a motor outside. Although this may be correct in a fashion, it is a lot more than that.

A split system is a packaged / all-in-one unit that is split in two. The "indoor unit‟ usually known as the evaporator, contains the evaporator coil or indoor refrigerant coil and the supply fan. The "outdoor unit‟ usually known as the condenser, contains the condenser coil or outdoor refrigerant coil the refrigerant metering device and the compressor.

Electrical control components are fitted in both units. The two units are then connected by refrigerant piping and interconnecting wiring allowing the system to operate. Split systems have become a significant style of air conditioning unit sold, accounting for more than 50% of the total systems sold. The reason for this is their versatility, alternative styles of indoor units, efficiency, features and cost.

Split systems are available in a varying array of capacities starting as low as 1.5 kWr increasing to capacities as required. This subject relates generally to systems up to those with a maximum capacity of 18 kWr however the features and requirements are similar to those systems of greater capacity.

The versatility of split systems make then ideal for installation in many situations. The reason for this is that manufacturers produce indoor units in a number of configurations.


The different types of split air conditioning systems

As discussed before, split systems are air conditioning units consisting of an „outdoor‟ condensing unit and an indoor fan-coil unit. To accommodate the varying applications in which they are installed, indoor fan-coil units are manufactured in many different variations however, all essentially consist of a fan assembly, refrigerant coil and electrical controls. Fan-coils can be categorised into two (2) groups – visible fan-coils such as wall mounted units and concealed fan-coils are where the fan coil is hidden away. These are usually ducted using either solid or flexible insulated ducting to supply and return to and from the conditioned space.

The different types are:-

  • Wall mounted split systems
  • Floor mounted split systems
  • Ceiling cassette split systems
  • Ducted split systems
  • Multi head systems






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