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INTERFERENCE and OTHER FACTORS (Antenna Installation)

One must know that there are a number of other factors which can affect and distort the television signal and have a knock on effect towards the quality or reliability of the television reception.

Impulse Noise:-

Any electrical device which has a motor and that motor is unsuppressed or maybe it's a unsuppressed switch can cause an impulse effect. Air conditioners, hair dryers, cheap light switches and even old cars starting in the garage can effect the TV reception.

The way you correct or at least limit this effect is to keep all cables separated from the 240v circuits, use quad sheilded coaxial cable, F connectors and high quality antennas.

Aircraft Flutter:-

This may sound funny but yes reception around airports do have a greater amount of interference than the norm. Basically signals do bounce off aircrafts before arriving at your reception. With digital signals you may experience digital drop out or pixelisation. You may over come this problem by installing and antenna with high gain plus better directional properties.



RF (radio frequencies) can often be absorb in heavy rain or snow conditions. This problem can occur anywhere along the path between the transmitter and your antenna. Higher frequencies employed by satellite communications are particularly affected although VHF and UHF frequencies can be distorted by about 3dB.

Diurnal Variation:-

This term is a natural phenomenon brought on by changes in the atmosphere and the Earths magnetic field through out the day.

These changes are most noticeable at dawn or dusk. It is also known as the "day-night effect".

Once again variations are about 3dB.


Free Air Attenuation:-

This basically means that the further the distance the more variables of attenuation such as buildings, trees, hills, and landscape features may get in the way. With all the new development happening so quickly now a days, you may be perfectly fine one month and then slowly as that tower block gets higher and higher your signal begins to weaken. Sometimes by increasing the height of the antenna will resolve this problem or you may have to contact that building owner and have them install a new cable & antenna which runs from the top of their building to yours.




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