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Operating a dependable service requires competent management, tradesmen and substantial capital investment in education and tooling.

When you are satisfied with the service however, question the fairness of the invoiced bill, remember...

The quality of his service depends on three things.

1. His knowledge and skill

2. The necessary people who train, schedule, obtaining spare parts but searching many different suppliers, telephone research, training specialist courses, possible warehousemen, administrators and office staff,

3. His company's sizeable investment in his workshop, warehouse facilities, work vans, equipment, tools and replacement parts.

Don't judge service charges solely by the time the service technician spends in your home:-

The time it takes a doctor to make a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy would not be possible without his many years of training, his continuing studies to keep abreast of the lastest medical discoveries, and his expense of maintaining an adequately equipped and staffed place of business. You pay for his knowledge and skills plus share of his cost of doing business - not for the few minutes he spends with you. Also remember, you travel to his surgery, whereas we come to your home (extra time and effort).


Similarly, the charge for providing competent service in your home cannot be determined solely by the time it takes the service technician to assess the problem and make the repairs.

Specialised training so we can do the job quickly and save you money!

Periodic training and refresher courses to find out all about new models and standards

Truck maintenance - fuel, oil, tyres, etc, Test equipment
Travel time to your home Work van costs - replacement costs, equipment etc

Tool costs and replacements

Office and warehouse rents
Stock of replacement parts, write off for obsolescence, stock ordering Light, heat and telephone Management and administration Office equipment, capital cost and maintenance
Business expence such as legal, accountancy, advertising, bank fees and electrical licence renewals Employee benefits - such as superannuation, holiday loading, public holidays Office staff and service co-ordinators Stationery, office supplies and postage, ink cartridges, paper
Taxes - income, property and business Insurances - public liability, workers' comp, fire, theft and property    


The costs for a qualified service begins with the salary of the professional service technician who provides the service. This amount is the same whether the serviceman is actually making repairs in the customer's home, travelling to keep appointments or participating in training programs to sharpen his skills.

What's more, since a service technician typically spends less than half his time in customers' homes, his company's cost for each hour in your home is considerably greater than the service technician's hourly wage.

Then, the cost of service co-ordinator's back in the office researching for unique parts, training -


instructors, warehouse equipment is added - costs can amount to substantially more than the tradesman's earnings.



When all things are considered, the cost to a service business - except for the serviceman's time on the job - could be about the same for a simple job of replacing a fuse as it is for a difficult job at hand..

" When that professional service technician knocks on your door, many costs have been incurred just to get him there, ready to do the job "




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