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You may think it’s a simple job to buy a ladder however, ladders come in all sizes and for different purposes as you’ll discover.  You’ll also discover that prices for ladders fluctuate like petrol prices.  Recently Quality Electrics needed some dual purpose ladders.  We generally shop around for (a) the best “quality” (b) the best possible price. 




Our research is always achieved through industry word of mouth (speaking to other electricians, secondly observing what the big end of town are using ie: Telstra, Optus techs and finally talking to the local ladder distributors).   I reckon in that order too!

These particular ladders which we purchased had huge price variables between distributors! That is, exact same type of ladder however, the price per ladder varied as much as $400 per ladder.  So as you can see a massive saving if you do the research.

Talking to other tradesmen or forging a close relationship with your whole seller tends to clear out all the BS where as, dealing with any “sales rep” just equates to - sell it to him at the highest possible price regardless of what he truly needs it for (there are exceptions to the rule). We also look at longevity of the ladder and maintenance involved with repairing it later down the track.  Having a ladder on top of your van 365 days a year especially in this harsh Australian sun will have an effect on the fibre glass over time.

We look at 3-4 brands however it really came down to two – Baileys & Werner the (the Ford and Holden of the ladder world). When you really think about it, you are trusting life on that piece of equipment. The last thing you want to find out is that you made a poor ladder choice when you are 4 metres off the ground. It would not be good. There are plenty of You Tube videos showing accidents which you would never even think could happen but do.    There are even safety videos on the correct way to use a ladder which to any tradesman is stating the obvious but not so for the average do it yourself handyman.

The choice we made is below but for your own good, quickly read the below points before you commence work upon a ladder. There maybe some points which you have not consider – good luck!


  • Domestic ladders should not be used in industrial environments FULL STOP!
  • Never use a metal ladders outside during a lighting storms.
  • Electricity will conduct through a metal ladder so stay clear of any electrical cables.    That’s why electricians purchase fibreglass ladders “DUH”
  • Always check the load capacity of the particular ladder to match its intended use.   (Add your weight plus whatever materials you are carrying up the ladder). 
  • All ladders should be adequately supported at the base. ( Wet grass with soft soil beneath it, or a makeshift support under one side is not acceptable). If the surface is too soft to support the ladder, use a plank or board under the feet of the ladder to stop them from sinking. Do not erect a ladder on a slippery surface; its stability depends on the friction at the base of the ladder.
  • A ladder should never be "walked" by the person standing on it. ( The word ‘walked’ above describes the action of a person standing at the top of a ladder who, by moving his body, causes the bottom of the ladder to lift the ends of the stiles alternately to cause the ladder to move.) Also you’ve paid a lot for the ladder, why break it?
  • The slope of any ladder should be approximately 4 in 1
  • One ladder, one person.
  • Never attach a power tools to the side of a ladder when it is not in use.
  • If you must work near power lines, including supply lines into a building, have them turned OFF, or insulated with ‘tiger tails’, before placing the ladder. In addition use timber ladder with no wire reinforcements.  DO NOT USE an aluminium or metal ladder.
  • Never climb higher than the third rung from the top of the ladder
  • Ladders should not be used outdoors when strong winds are blowing.
  • Ladders should be inspected at regular intervals and any defects or deterioration repaired before further use.
  • Damaged ladders should be taken out of service until they are repaired by a competent person or destroyed in such a manner as to render them useless.

The result for us:-
Between Werner and Baileys we choose Baileys however, it was like splitting hairs. Both were good ladders in structure however, we obtained a great price through a particular supplier who sold only Baileys.
If you wish for us to purchase a ladder for you at a trade discount price why not call us on 02 8509 5633 – we should be able to save you a considerable amount of money. Depending on the particular ladder you require it maybe the difference of $400 a massive saving for you.




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