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There are four very common electrical problems: intermittent power, power surges, redundant wiring, and overloaded circuits. All these issues can cause electrical fires and need to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. These issues are easy to identify and corrected.

Intermittent power is a symptom of a wiring problem (or perhaps your energy suppliers fault). The cause of this electrical problem could be loose connections. If so, firstly call a fully qualified electrician. He then will turn off the power at the DB supply board before investigation work commences.

Then he will trace the electrical path looking for any sign of wear, fray, or exposed wiring.

If the wiring is loose at the point of connection he will simply use a pliers to cut away the damaged section, carefully strip back a new section on the cable and rejoin the connection once again tightly with a screw driver. Power surges are caused by sudden increases in the power provided by the electricity company (or perhaps electrical storms).


This increase can overload the circuit and cause the electrical item to turn off (or in the case of computers which are not protected by surge protectors "fry up!"). The best way to manage electrical surges is to employ a Quality Electric electrician to install a surge protector within your distribution board. Another way is to buy a surge protector adaptor from an electrical outlet. This mini board generally consisting of 4 to 8 powerpoints has a built in circuit to ensure that any surges will be limited via this device.

Redundant or old wiring is a very common electrical problem that occurs in homes (see "Crack Cable link below for photos). Not all wiring in a house is used, and in many cases, live wires are left without being properly terminated. It has been documented that these particular cables have killed tradesmen and landlords when they accidentally touch them in the roof or basements. Take the time to employ an electrician so that he can 100% confirm that all unknown cables are disconnected at the supply and ensure there are no hidden surprises or weak terminations.


Overloaded circuits can occur when additional power outlets are installed for new appliances and the electrician didn't take into consideration the extra unforeseen electrical load. This shortcut method creates problems where multiple appliances are plugged in and drawing power at the same time. The demand exceeds the capacity and causes the MCB to trip, the RCD to trip or if you are using rewirable fuses - to blow. Once again employ a quality electrician to determine the load and make sure your circuit is governed by a safety switch. Each circuit should be balance correctly for the load it was intended to be use for.

The tell tale signs of electrical problems are generally observed by constantly tripping safety switches (ie: MCB, RCD's, ELCB's, Rewirable fuses).

If your computer crashes due to an electrical surge and your hard drive is now toast you'll realize for the sake of a few bucks you would have saved thousands in restoring or capturing the data lost.

Call a trusted, reliable and fully approved licensed electrician because he/she could be the difference of saving your hard drive or perhaps even worse, a life.








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